Flybondi Airlines GIG Terminal – RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim

Do you know why people buy branded items? It is because they have faith in the quality of the items. Like this, the Flybondi Airlines GIG Terminal ensures quality services that have eventually made people trust it. And why not? When you are getting the best establishments under one roof, you will ultimately like it. 

Traveling should be fun, not something that strains you. Therefore, we are here to help you make the best plans for your journey by providing a detailed guide about the services and amenities you can enjoy inside the terminal. So, without wasting more time, let’s dive in. 

What is the Terminal of Flybondi Airlines at GIG

Passengers boarding Flybondi Airlines at RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim should go directly to Terminal 2 to kick-start their journey. The terminal offers smooth check-ins, security screening, and passport control so that you can expect a sophisticated departure. It also ensures safe arrivals with the proper luggage claim and defense check. 

Let us discuss how you can connect with the Flybondi Airlines and the GIG.

Connect with Flybondi Airlines at GIG Terminal

To connect with your airline at Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, read the details below.

Airport NameRIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim
AddressAv. Vinte de Janeiro, s/nº – Ilha do Governador, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 21941-900, Brazil
Airport CodeGIG
Contact Number+55 21 3004-6050
Arrival TerminalTerminal 2
Departure TerminalTerminal 2
Airlines HeadquarterBuenos Aires, Argentina

What services does the Flybondi Airlines offer at Terminal 2 ?

No matter what cabin class you travel with, the GIG Terminal will surely satisfy you. With its various services, travelers can have a relaxing journey.

Pre-Flight preparations

Listed below are the pre-flight services that the terminal offers.

Book your tickets at the counter

Passengers who have yet to book tickets with the Flybondi Airlines need not worry, as they still have options. To fly to your favorite destination, head straight to the reservation counter and book your tickets. But make sure to reach the airport early to book your preferred seats. Inform the officials about your request, and they will assist you further.

Ticket Cancellation

If you have a change in plan and want to cancel your tickets, Terminal 2 offers cancellation services to its passengers. Just ensure that you know about the cancellation policy beforehand, for which you can visit the airline’s official website. Many passengers make the mistake of not reading the guidelines and then make a scene at the airport. Set yourself apart from them.

Seat Upgradation

Want to upgrade your seats? You can do so with the Flybondi Airlines GIG Terminal. Just visit the airline’s official website or go to the check-in counters to promote your tickets to the cabin class of your choice. This will add more luxury to your travel and give you additional in-flight services and amenities, making your trip comfortable.  


For an effortless check-in, you should arrive at the airport early. Go to the check-in counters and get your boarding pass with the help of officials present there. If you do not wish to stand in line, you can use the self-service kiosks at the terminal. You can also register online by visiting the Flybondi Airlines official website. After this, head straight to the security check.

Assistance for Disabled People

The Terminal 2 offers special assistance to disabled people. You don’t have to make extra effort, as the airline guarantees a smooth journey for the differently abled. You must book help in advance so the staff can make travel arrangements. With Flybondi Airlines, you can keep your worries away.

Post- Flight Proceeding

Following are the post-flight procedures that You will find at the Terminal 2.

Baggage Reclaim

After a successful landing, head straight to the baggage claim area to get your luggage. If you can not find your bags or have found them broken, go and report the issue to the lost and found desk. The staff members present there will file a complaint and start working on it ASAP. Keep checking your notifications for further updates. 


After an international arrival, passengers will go through an immigration check. So, keep your documents with you in your carry-on luggage. Visit the airline’s official website for details about all the important papers that you need to carry.

Further Conveniences at GIG

Additional services include Wi-Fi, airport lounges, family restrooms, ATMs, Banks, Kids’ play areas, medical aid, pet relief areas, ground transportation, wheelchair assistance, charging slots, retail stores, and more.

Let’s Wrap up!

Traveling with Flybondi Airlines GIG Terminal will give you the best travel experience. We have listed all the primary details that you require about your journey. You can contact the airlines using the toll-free number above for more information.

Flybondi Airlines RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim (GIG) Location Map


How many terminals does GIG have?

The RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim has one terminal.

What is the operating terminal of the Flybondi Airlines?

The airlines carry out their operations from the Terminal 2 of the RIOgaleão – Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim.

Does the Terminal 2 have lounges?

Yes. Passengers can enjoy a range of services within the terminal.

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