Centrum Air SKD Terminal – Samarkand International Airport 

Air travel can be a lot more fun and adventurous when you are fully aware of the typical pre-flight procedures you must go through, your airline’s travel policies, the services you can avail of, and most importantly, your arrivals or departures terminal. All of these things collectively contribute to making your flying experience with Centrum Air worth the money and effort. So, if you’ve got your next flight to catch from the Centrum Air SKD Terminal, do not wait to enlighten yourself with the crucials. Wondering how? Just read ahead! 

Particulars of the Airport & the Airline 

There are a thousand reasons for which you are required to get in touch with your airline directly. To ensure that you are very well-prepared before your flights or for your arrivals, for that matter, you can use the preceding particulars to have a word with the officials of Centrum Air at the SKD.

Airport NameSamarkand International Airport
Airport CodeSKD
Airport Addressул. Ибн Сино 1, 140151, Samarqand, Samarqand viloyati, Uzbekistan
Arrival TerminalMain Terminal
Departure TerminalMain Terminal
Contact Number+998 66 232 36 59
Official Websitewww.centrum-air.com/en
Facebook www.facebook.com/centrumairlines/

Destinations Centrum Air Cover from the SKD

The Centrum Air passengers are fortunate, because the airline covers almost every popular tourist destination or a regional one. To check whether the airline flies to your destination or not, you must have a list of the places it operates flights to from the Samarkand International Airport. 

  •   Centrum Air – Tashkent

Your Arrivals and Departures Terminal at the Samarkand International Airport

Flying with Centrum Air from the SKD? You are sure to use the Main Terminal. It is a modern and advanced facility that takes care of passengers’ needs, regardless of their age or gender. There may be scenarios where your assigned terminal gets changed, about which your airline will always inform you beforehand. Otherwise, to be sure, you can always check your reservation or ticket to know your assigned terminal. 

Centrum Air SKD Terminal Arrivals – Main Terminal

Centrum Air SKD Terminal Departures – Main Terminal

Useful Resources for Passengers at Main Terminal

Endless resources are made available to passengers flying to or from the Centrum Air Samarkand International Airport terminal, which unknowingly enhances travelers’ flying experience. Right from the moment you step foot in the structure, you are greeted with a welcoming airport and airline staff ready to serve your needs and preferences. 

ATMs and Banks Baggage Storage Shops and Retails
Foreign Exchange Luggage Trolleys Ground Transport 
Family Restrooms Check-in Counters Wifi or Internet Service
Meet & Greet Areas Self Service Kiosks Phone Charging Outlets 
Exclusive Airport Lounges Food and BeveragesCustomer Support Centres
Information or Help Desks Lost and Found DepartmentWheelchair/Stretcher Assistance

Pre-Flight Procedures to Follow 

It’s essential for passengers to do right by their side when it comes to flying with Centrum Air, which means if you require any facility on board or at the airport, you must get access to it as soon as possible. In the further table, you will find insights on what might be needed and how you can get it. 

Book a Flight ReservationIf you have yet to book a ticket but are sure about flying with Centrum Air, you can head to the ticketing counters with your travel documentation and accepted mode of payment to make a flight reservation. Here, the airline officials are present to assist you with your booking requirements.
Upgrade your Cabin If you have booked yourself in Economy but no longer wish to fly in the booked class, you can easily upgrade your cabin. At the check-in counters or at the ticketing counters, whichever you prefer. An official will enlighten you about the available seats and associated costs, helping you make advanced and informed decisions. 
Check-in for your flightTo board your flights, you must go through the check-in counters or self-service kiosks to retrieve your boarding pass. After this, you are required to undergo security checkpoints for basic security reasons.
Avail of Pet Travel Services If you want to fly with your beloved pets, you must first learn about the airline’s pet travel policy. If your airline allows it, make sure that you abide by the pet travel rules and restrictions to have a safe and happy flight with your friend. To get more info, you can connect with the Centrum Air representatives right at the airport’s terminal. 
Access Special Assistance/Support This is one of the most crucial parts of flying for disabled or handicapped passengers, for travelers with limited mobility or physical impairments, etc. Special Assistance must be booked in advance to allow the airline to make proper arrangements upon your arrival at the airport. This ensures that there are no barriers when you get on board. 

Post-Flight Procedures 

Upon your arrival, before exiting the airport, you must: 

Retrieve your LuggageAfter you have landed at the Samarkand International Airport , you must head straight to the baggage claim carousels and wait for your luggage to arrive. The terminal consists of a designated carousel for your airline. If your luggage is delayed or damaged, it’s best to report the issue to the lost and found desk. 
Use the At-Airport Facilities If you want, you can use the airport facilities after your arrival, such as grabbing a bite at one of the several restaurants, buying goodies from any of the shopping stores, freshening up at the restrooms, and more. If you need help with accessing the locations within the terminal, you can get to the information counters and talk with the available agents. 

Additionals Passengers May Require 

Apart from the basic services and resources, there are some additional things that passengers may look forward to accessing at the Centrum Air terminal at SKD. These include: 

Lost & Found HelpIssues with luggage, such as (lost, delayed, or damaged) are resolved at the lost and found department of the Samarkand International Airport terminal. As soon as you encounter yourself stuck in such a scenario, walk straight to the lost and found desk by following the signage and talk with the agents, who will further assist you with your next steps. 
Access to Lounges If there are lounges available at your departure terminal and you desire to access one, you can talk with your airline about the same and get details on the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible, you can enjoy amenities such as complimentary food, drinks, snacks, Wi-Fi, shower, spa, books, magazines, etc., in a comfortable seating space. 

Centrum Air Samarkand International Airport (SKD) Location Map

Need-to-Know FAQs

What terminal is Centrum Air at SKD? 

Centrum Air is at the Main Terminal of the Samarkand International Airport. 

Which is the arrivals and departure terminal for Centrum Air at the SKD?

The arrivals and departures terminal for Centrum Air at the SKD is the Main Terminal.

What services are available at the Centrum Air Terminal of the Samarkand International Airport?

Ticketing, cancellations, seat upgrades, lost and found, information counters, Wi-Fi, internet, etc., are some of the services available to passengers at the Centrum Air terminal of the Samarkand International Airport.

Can I check in at the SKD Terminal for my Centrum Air Flight? 

Yes. Passengers can check-in for their flight departures with Centrum Air using the SKD.

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