What encouraged you to spend your special weekend in Puerto Rico? Was it the historical factor of Puerto Rico being the oldest colony in the world, the geographical aspect of having a pleasant climate, eye-tempting beaches, the brightest bioluminescent, or the colorful and flavorful meals of Puerto Rico?

There can be any significant reason behind planning a tour, and hopefully, you will be ready to enjoy your time there. To continue the travel sequence, we have presented some of the best airlines that fly to Puerto Rico. Look at all the options below and decide your preference.

Enjoy Great Travels: Experience Enthusiasm And Thrill

There are a few factors that make an airline out of the crowd, and when it comes to a trip, the best is the only preference. To know what airlines fly to Puerto Rico so you can travel stress-free, we have gathered some airlines that will land on the ground in Puerto Rico. Are you excited to discover which will become your carrier until your arrival? If yes, then look at all the airlines and choose after a fair comparison. 

1. Alaska Airlines 

One of the airlines that has secured the maximum customer satisfaction by JD Power and Associates, Alaska Airlines is an American airline with a vast network and 116 destinations. The airline has three classes: first, premium, and economy. The airline puts its efforts into serving the passengers perfectly. With a fleet size of 333, Alaska Airlines provides top-notch class travel to all passengers worldwide. If you want to complete the journey with a smooth landing on the ground in Puerto Rico, go for the described one. 

2. United Airlines 

With a strong foundation in 1926, United Airlines serves international, domestic, and regional destinations within the USA. It also has a membership with Star Alliance. It provides its services to all passengers through its three cabin classes: Economy, Business, and First. The airline also has MileagePlus, a frequent flyer program that you can join to earn mileage points. After earning the points, you can quickly redeem them for award upgrades, tickets, and value-added services. 

3. Frontier Airlines 

One of the largest commercial airlines in the United States, Frontier Airlines started its journey of service on July 5, 1994, and laid its foundation on February 8, 1994. With a fleet size of 90, the airline provides services to over 111 destinations worldwide. To have a stress-free journey, you can take Frontier Airlines’ cabin classes, ranging from First Class, Business Class, or Economy Class. Along with this, the airline’s services are commendable, and passengers with special needs are carefully assisted.

4. Sun Country 

Another airline that we have in the queue of airlines that fly to Puerto is Sun Country. With its low-cost services, it’s serving 172 destination Ricoons with a fleet size of 54. They started their services with a single Boeing 727-200 jetliner and is currently using Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900er, and Boeing 737-800bcf ( cargo fleet ). It has interline agreements with various airlines such as Condor, Hawaiian Airlines, China Airlines, EVA Air, Emirates, and Icelandair. It has two cabin classes, First Class and Economy Class. The Economy Class is divided into three parts: the best, the exit row, and the standard. 

5. Jet Blue 

Jet Blue is a low-cost carrier in the United States and codeshares with 18 airlines. It provides its service to 104 destinations with a fleet size of 290. Its headquarters is in the Brewster building in Long Island, Queens, New York City, New York, United States. It also has codeshare agreements with Star Alliance, Oneworld, and Sky Team. It has a frequent flyer program known as TrueBlue, and the fleet is configured to economy class on a primary basis; although it has two cabin class services, it is limited to a few routes. 

What Airlines Fly Direct To San Juan Puerto Rico? Find Out Here

Are you also considering the airlines flying directly to Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan? If you haven’t found the answer, don’t worry. We are here to present you with some of the best airlines to take you to the desired place hassle-free. 

There is a popular route from Miami International Airport in Miami to Louis Munoz Marin International Airport in San Juan. You can have this route, which will drop you on the ground of San Juan within 2 hours and 37 minutes one way. Find out which airline can be your carrier partner with us below:- 

1. Copa Airlines 

With a series of awards, Copa Airlines started offering its services to different locations worldwide on 15 August 1947. It is Panama’s flag carrier and holds a membership with Star Alliance. All passengers who frequently fly with Copa Airlines can join Flying Blue, the airline’s frequent flyer program. The airline has two classes: Economy and Business. 

You can travel in any cabin class per your preference and enjoy in-flight amenities. The airline also assists expectant mothers, infants, and unaccompanied minors. You can easily opt for this airline and can travel hassle-free. From refund, cancellation, and reservation to in-flight amenities, everything is away from the matter of mess.    

2. Finnair 

Whatever you think before selecting an airline for travel, you will find everything with Finnair. Everything is top-notch and matches travelers ‘ preferences, from its services and status to cabin class. Finnair is Finland’s flag carrier and provides its services to 104 destinations. The airline has three classes: Finnair Business Class, Finnair Premium Economy, and Finnair Economy Class. 

Passengers flying in Business class can enjoy various perks and benefits, such as full flatbeds, meals, cocktails, etc. Economy class passengers can enjoy wide seats, an onboard menu, and beverages. You can do so by paying additional charges if you want extra comfort. 

 3. ITA Airways 

ITA Airways, also known as Italia Trasporto Aeros, is Italy’s flag carrier. Its journey commenced on 15 October 2021, and its foundation was laid on 11 November 2020. ITA’s central hub is Rome Fiumicino Airport, which is near Rome. It was the successor of Alitalia, which used to be Italy’s airline and flag carrier. 

It has a fleet size of 93 and serves 64 destinations worldwide. Along with the present destination, ITA is thinking of increasing this number to 74 destinations by 2025. The ITA codeshares with 32 airlines and has interline agreements with Lufthansa, Qantas, Trenitalia, Vistara, Swiss International Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Neos, and Austrian Airlines. You can go for this airline without any second thought and make it your preference for San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

4. Royal Air Maroc 

RAM(Royal Air Maroc)is Morocco’s flag carrier. It covers a total of 89 destinations with a fleet size of 52. The airline was founded in July 1953. Safar Flyer is the frequent flyer program of the RAM, and you can quickly join by covering a particular distance as per the guidance. The base of the Ram is at Mohammed V International Airport and operates flights to a total of 89 destinations. The government of Morocco adopted the airline’s name on 28 June, and the primary focus cities are Marrakesh and Tangier. You can go for this one if you need to know which airline you should have. 

5. Air France

If you are still looking for out what airlines fly direct to San Juan, Puerto Rico? Stop for a while on Air France. Whether it’s an A La Carte menu or top-notch cabin class service, Air France is not last in the race. You will get assistance in every possible manner. The airline serves a total of 184 destinations worldwide. It is the flag carrier of France, and it has three cabin classes: Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. 

There is a perfect seating arrangement in all three cabin classes, along with the best in-flight services and assistance. All the passengers who have experienced the facilities of Air France can be a part of the frequent flyer program” Flying Blue.” With membership in the loyalty program, you can earn miles based on the distance traveled, Fare type, and class of service. So go ahead with Air France to conquer the journey of San Juan. 

Flights to Auguadilla: Commencement Of Fun And Adventure 

You still need help with a straightforward question: what airline flies to Puerto Rico? And especially, what airlines fly to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico? Right? If yes, it’s time to take a deep breath and listen carefully. 

We are here to inform you of the best airlines you can look for to be in one of the most beautiful cities in Puerto Rico, “Auguadilla.” Let’s explore the airlines below:- 

1. Qatar Airways 

You have heard about Qatar Airways’ services, but if you have yet to experience them, it is time to do so. With services for more than 150 destinations worldwide, it is continuously progressing to expand its services. It is the first global airline to achieve a prestigious 5-star COVID-19 airline safety rating by Skytrax. 

In addition, Skytrax has voted Qatar Airways airline of the year in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2019. This shows its dedication to providing the best services to passengers. Qatar Airways offers three cabin classes: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class, with top-notch in-flight services. You can effortlessly choose Qatar Airways to land in Auguadilla, Puerto Rico. 

2. Etihad Airways 

Are you looking for a perfect airline that can make your journey hassle-free and can provide you with a great experience that is worth it to share? If so, you can choose Etihad Airways as your airline for departure. The main base of Etihad Airways is in Abu Dhabi, and it provides services to 75 destinations worldwide with a fleet size of 113.

 The airline has also received many awards for providing commendable services to passengers worldwide, which are the Middle East’s Leading Cabin Crew 2019, the World’s Leading Airline Inflight Entertainment 2018, the Middle East’s Leading Airline Reward Program 2018, and many more. Do you want to experience the services of Etihad Airways? Go ahead. 

3. Air Canada 

If you are still searching for what airlines fly direct to Puerto Rico so that you can witness the beauty of Auguadilla? Then, give your attention to Air Canada. It’s the flag carrier and also the largest airline in Canada. It has a fleet size of 353 and serves 192 destinations worldwide. 

It laid its foundation on 10 April 1937 and started serving passengers on 1 January 1965. it also has a frequent flyer program known as Aeroplan. Once you become a frequent flyer of Air Canada, you can enroll in the program and enjoy its benefits.  Contact customer support if you want to book a flight with Air Canada. You can also check the airline updates by visiting the official website,

4. Azul Brazilian Airlines 

Azul Brazilian Airlines is a low-cost carrier founded in 2008. It serves 162 destinations worldwide and has its headquarters in Barueri, Sao Paulo. The airline has codeshare and interline agreements with seven and six airlines, respectively.

The airline also has a loyalty program for its frequent flyers, Astudoazul. The program provides various perks and benefits to the passengers. This is a perfect airline that will effortlessly drop you on the ground of Auguadilla. 

Ending Here! 

We have presented a brief description of all the airlines that will effortlessly make you land on the ground in Puerto Rico, its capital, San Juan, and its beautiful city, Auguadilla. You can check all the airlines from starting and can come to an end with your final decision. Go through the information provided carefully and check which airline you can pick for your journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions! 

What airlines fly direct to San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Many airlines directly fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico, such as ITA Airways, Copa Airlines, Air France, Finnair, Royal Air Marco, and many more. 

Which is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is March. 

What airlines fly nonstop to Puerto Rico?

Many airlines, such as Frontier, United Spirit, Sun Country, Delta, and others, fly non-stop to Puerto Rico.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Puerto Rico?

September is the cheapest month to fly to Puerto Rico.

What currency does Puerto Rico use?

Puerto Rico uses the dollar as their currency. 

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