Got a flight to catch? Need to locate your loved ones about to arrive with Southwest Airlines? Well, as long as you have the flight number or details of the departures and arrivals airport, you can look for any flight about to take off or land. Want to know how? In this detailed manual, you will find various methods available for How to Check Flight Status for Southwest Airlines flight status, ensuring you’re always in the loop and ready for takeoff. From online tools to offline channels, let us navigate the process together, empowering you to stay prepared for your travels with Southwest Airlines.

Check Southwest Airlines Flight Status Online

Getting on a journey with Southwest Airlines is nothing less than an exciting experience, especially when you stay aware of your flight status, a crucial aspect of a smooth and stress-free trip.

The fastest and simplest way to access Southwest flight status is via its official website. The procedure allows you to acquire information about your flight, including the status, planned departure or landing times, and much more. Here’s how you can do it too: 

  • Type to get to the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • The airline’s official platform will appear, with options to check in, check flight status, and change/cancel flight bookings. 
  • Amongst the said options, tap on “Flight Status” to proceed. 
  • Now enter the “Enter departure city or airport code,” “Enter arrival city or airport code,” and Travel Date, as mandatory. 
  • The option to enter your flight number will also be available but optional. If you have one, enter it under the “Flight#” option. 
  • Revise the entered details and click “Search” to check the flight status.

Alternatively, you can directly head to the Check Flight Status page of Southwest Airlines to get updated information about your desired flight. Here, you will get the option to search by route or flight. Check how to do it: 

Search by Route Search by Flight
To search by route, enter: 
Tap on Search. 
To search by flight, enter: 

Tap on Search 

Wondering how to find the flight number? Don’t stress, use the preceding instructions: 

There are several methods to locate your flight number, such as: 

  • The simplest yet most effective method: Use the credentials to log in to your account on Southwest Airlines’s official webpage and examine your booked itinerary. Here, your flight number is also mentioned, along with other details.
  • If you do not want to do the process digitally: You can connect with the airline representatives by dialing either +1-800-435-9792 or OTA at +1-866-901-7017. You can provide the representative in touch with the necessary details so that he can hunt down the flight number for you on your behalf. 
NOTEThe flight number in the upper right-hand corner is also mentioned on your boarding passes. If you have your boarding pass, you can avoid the hassle of connecting and navigating.

Other Alternative Methods! 

Passengers need not fret when their air travels are planned and booked with Southwest Airlines, as they do everything in their capability to help you out. If we just stick to getting you access to the status of an upcoming flight with the airlines, you can do so on their official website. Or you can follow the below-mentioned method: 

If you do not understand the digital language, getting in touch with a Southwest Airlines personnel is the right option for you. Upon connecting, you can provide the agent with the necessary details that can help him locate the flight you are looking forward to having information about. 

Mobile Application 
Passengers can download Southwest Airlines’ mobile application to check their flight status. The app’s ready whenever you are. So, as soon as you enter the application, navigate through the flight status section to access the status of the flight you want information about. If you find it hard to navigate the application, you can just head to their official website for an easy interface. 


That was everything you needed to track down your flights with Southwest Airlines without having to indulge in unnecessary formalities. The methods mentioned above allow passengers or those wanting to check Southwest Airlines flight status to have the comfort and convenience they need. At the ease of your home, follow the simple yet effective step and check the status of any Southwest flight you want. Of course! As long as you are equipped with the right flight number for arrival or departure city/airport details,

Learn More!

How do I know if my Southwest flight is still on?

You can use the official website of Southwest Airlines to check if your flight is still on. 

How do you check Southwest Airlines’ flight status?

Passengers can navigate the official website to check the Southwest Airlines flight status without hassle. 

Can I learn about my Southwest flight tracking status?

Yes. travelers can easily learn their arrival or departure flight status with Southwest Airlines. 

How do I call Southwest to check the status of my flight?

You can connect with the Southwest Airlines representatives by dialing either +1-800-435-9792 or OTA at +1-866-901-7017.

Can I check my Southwest flight status by flight number? 

Yes. You can use the flight number to check your flight status on Southwest’s official website. 

Is it possible to track flight status with Southwest Airlines?

Yes, It is possible to check or track your flight status with Southwest Airlines either online or offline. 

How can I check the Southwest flight status using the confirmation number?

Visit the official website of Southwest Airlines or use their mobile application. Tap on the “Flight Status” or “Manage Reservation” section. Enter your flight confirmation number to check your flight status.

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