Several compelling reasons justify passengers’ desire to fly Business Class, specifically with Etihad Airways. The sleek-designed seats that recline to a fully flat bed, privacy on board, the la carte menus, and fine dining options leave the passengers wanting more of everything. If you take your air journeys seriously, flying is more than just about getting from point A to point B, and of course! Spending money for comfort and luxury doesn’t bother you that much; you must definitely try what the Etihad Airways Business Class brings to the table. 

Let’s save you the hustle of gathering information in pieces and provide you with a review of all that Etihad Business Class offers At. Your. Service. 

Peek Into The Etihad’s Fleet – A350, A380, B787 Aircraft

To begin with, Etihad has a sophisticated fleet of Airbus and Boeing Family aircraft known for exceptional flying performance and efficiency. The modern and new-generation aircraft are spacious and technologically advanced. 

Let’s examine the details of Etihad Airways’ three popular aircraft: the Airbus 350, Airbus 380, and Boeing 787. 

Etihad’s Fleet Key Features

Capacity: up to 371
Range: up to 16,100 km
Number of aircraft: 5
Seat maps: A350-1000

Capacity: up to 486
Range: up to 15,200 km
Number of aircraft: 4
Seat maps: A380-800

Capacity: up to 336
Range: up to 11,400km
Number of aircraft: 43
Seat maps: B787-9 (2 class v1), B787-9 (2-class V2), B787-9 (3 class), B787-10 (2 class)

What do the passengers get? Comfort that speaks money 

Etihad Airlines welcomes you on board with your choice of seats, fine-dine options, preferable drinks, and a space ready to serve all your body requirements: sleep, stretch your legs, or simply lay down for a bit, take your time to relax and settle in. Here’s what you get onboard:

Spacious Cabins 

Aircraft like the a350, a380, and B787 are large enough to provide passengers with spacious cabins, especially those traveling in Business class. Inside those, you can adjust your seats and recline it into a fully flat bed to lay, relax, or simply stretch your body. The seats are more than ready with a memory foam mattress, an Armani Casa bed line, and eyeshades to block the lights, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. And, if your flight will take more than 9 hours to reach the destination, just slip into the soft loungewear or pajamas for extra comfort. If flying on a short-haul flight, you can recline your seats to stretch a bit with a pillow and a plush comforter. It will help you relax your mind a bit and arrive at your destination fresh.

Fine Dining Options 

Whether you’d like to get hands-on three-course meals or simply indulge in a delicious and refreshing breakfast before you arrive at your destination, Etihad’s staff will provide you with your choice of food. You can select anything from the airline’s à la carte menu, filled with traditional Emirati dishes and other infamous dishes inspired by different cultures. The mouth-watering steak sandwich will keep you full for the day, while the sweet treats will surely hit your dopamine levels, making you feel good and relaxed. Also, one noteworthy thing that Etihad now does is reduce single-plastic use. 

Luxury Amenity Kits 

The luxurious amenity kits are all about well-being, sustainability, and an affluent lifestyle. The famous Georgio Armani designs each kit presented on board. You can take the goodies with you as well.

  • Cube Bags: The first thing you get is a cube bag inspired by none other than the Emirati Wind Tower, Forts, and Barajeel. The bag makes it easy for you to pack stuff anywhere. 
  • Clutch “The Dunes”: You also get a clutch designed like the sands of the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. You can choose from multiple colors.
  • A Comfy Loungewear: You can get comfortable with the slippers and loungewear offered to you, made in the UAE’s iconic V-type stitch.

In-flight Entertainment 

Want to see what’s on board? From On-demand entertainment to E-BOX Stream, Live news and sports, and Entertainment for children, everything is available at your fingertips. You can listen to music, pick up a quick binge-watch, watch live news and sports, allow your kids to play their favorite kids’ shows, etc. The choice is entirely yours. Also, make sure to carry a gadget and headphones for your kids if you are booked on an A320 or A321 aircraft. 

Access to Wifi On-board 

Wi-Fi is available on all aircraft except the A320 and A321 fleet. With the use of internet connectivity, you can quickly get in touch with your family and catch up with your friends. You can also surf social media. The Etihad guest members can access free wifi on board only. For Etihad Guest Gold Members, there’s a discount of 25% on the wifi retail packages. Meanwhile, the Etihad Guest Platinum members can access it for free. 

Get “The Treatment” At “The Airport”

It’s pretty exciting to think about the airport amenities you’ll get as a business-class passenger traveling with Etihad Airways. The treatment you get at the airport is nothing but extraordinary.

Lounge Access to Relax and Unwind 

Business class passengers get chauffeur service from their pick-up location to the airport in Abu Dhabi. However, the airline does not provide this service in other cities. Once you have reached the airport but got enough time on your hands before the departures, you can step towards the Etihad Business Class Lounge. Here, the staff will present you with goodies such as dates and Arabic coffee. 

A few steps into the lounge, and you’ll be greeted with a dining area (Buffet) and hot and cold beverage options. Other services include a lounge, a gym, a relaxation area, a business center, an internet facility, and shower rooms. 

If you feel like getting perfect skincare before boarding or want to get a massage, you can indulge in the treatment in any of the Six Senses Spas at the lounge, which offers a 15-minute treatment to travelers.  

Note: Etihad offers business class passengers entry into the partner airline lounges in the United States of America. You get access to the Swissport lounge at Chicago O’Hare Airport and to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at JFK International Airport and Dulles International Airport. 

Facility to Check-in Before Other Passengers 

Given the current crowd, long check-in queues often take a toll on passengers. Fortunately, Etihad Airways Business Class travelers skip the hassle and head straight to the priority boarding area. The personnels at the dedicated check-in counters will rapidly cut through the procedure and prioritize your check-in. It means, irrespective of the time you reach the airport for check-in, as long as the procedure is open at the airport, you won’t have the hassle of finding your way in.

More Baggage Allowance than Economy Passengers

You don’t have to stress about what to pack and what not to pack because an additional baggage allowance is one more benefit that you get when purchasing Etihad’s business class fare. Along with a personal item, passengers can carry checked and cabin baggage on board. The allowance is as follows: 

Cabin Baggage One bag of 12kg/26lb
Checked Baggage Two bags up to 32kg/70lbs each

Etihad’s Business Class or First Class? What’s Better?

The major difference between flying business class and first class is that of privacy and space. Both cabins are equipped with seats that recline to a fully flat bed. However, in first-class cabins, you get more storage, privacy walls, and an ottoman, all of which contribute to turning it into a suite. Alcohol and meal options are more or less the same, but first-class passengers get the option to customize their meals and receive treats throughout the journey. And most importantly, first-class passengers get access to the first-class lounge, while business-class passengers get access to the business-class lounge. Priority check-in is available for both.

You are mistaken if you think all these world-class amenities are cheap because the first-class tickets run more expensive than you imagined. 

Business Class FaresAround $5000
First Class Fares Around $8000

How to Book Etihad’s Business Class Airfare? 

To get a business class ticket with Etihad Airways, passengers must head to the airline’s official website and fill out the form that appears in the “Book” section.

  • Select whether you want to book a “Round Trip,” “One Way,” or “Multi-City.” 
  • Enter the no. of passengers flying, including infants, children, infants with seats, and adults.
  • Select amongst the three mentioned cabin classes. Tap on “Business” for a business cabin. 
  • Enter the destination you are flying from, along with the destination you are flying to. 
  • Select the outbound and return date for a round trip. And, only outbound for one way. 
  • Apply Promo Codes (If you have any) or Pay with Miles (If Applicable). 
  •  Revise the entered details quickly before clicking the “Search Flights” option.

How many miles does it take to upgrade to Etihad Airways business class? 

To book a business class fare for a distance of 1001 to 1500 miles, you will require approximately 15,000 miles to upgrade to business class from economy cabin. If need be, you will have to pay the fare difference that occurs in the amount you paid for the economy.

How can you upgrade to the business class of Etihad Airways for free? 

The best way to upgrade to business class is to use the “Bid for Upgrades” option 48 hours before your flight departure using miles or dollars. You also have the option to upgrade at the airport, but there may be certain restrictions, given that your original fare is different. Unluckily, there’s no such thing as getting a business-class cabin for free.

That Was All

We hope the deets mentioned in this perfectly outlined segment will help you get your desired airfare with Etihad Airways without any hassle. As the business class airfares are on top of the world, be ready to pay quite a hefty sum of money out of your pockets. As far as it is concerned with the amenities and services, everything you get with this cabin class is worth dying for.

More for Etihad Passengers!

Do all Etihad Business Classes have lounge access?

Yes. If you are flying in Etihad’s Business Class Cabin, you will have free lounge access. 

Does Etihad Business Class give pyjamas?

Etihad Airways offers exclusive loungewear to business-class passengers. However, pajamas are also being introduced on selected flights. 

Do you get a free chauffeur with Etihad Business Class?

Etihad Airways offers free Chauffeur services to business-class passengers in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, this service is not available in other cities. 

What are the new business-class amenities on Etihad Airways flights?

A Georgio Armani-designed clutch and a cube bag are the new amenities added to Etihad’s Business-class cabins for passengers. 

Does Etihad provide slippers in business class?

Yes. Etihad Airways provides plush slippers to its passengers flying in business-class cabins. 

Is Etihad business class worth it?

Per the Etihad business class review, Etihad Airways’ business class is worth paying for. It offers a world-class flying experience and luxurious amenities on board and at the airport. The business class cabins provide you the privacy and space you look forward to having on long-haul flights, specifically. 

Does Etihad business class have a bar?

Passengers flying business class with Etihad Airways have access to a bar (Offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) and several couches to lounge on. 

Is everything free in the Business Class lounge?

Ys. The offerings presented in the business class lounge of Etihad Airways are complimentary. You get free meals, snacks, and drinks (hot and cold). The airline also presents you with Arabic Coffee and Dates in the business class lounge. 

Is Wi-Fi free on Etihad business class?

First-class passengers and Etihad’s Guest Platinum members receive complimentary access to Wi-Fi on board. 

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