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Flying with Alsie Express Airlines for the first time? Worried about how things will be at the airport or in flight? If so, just put your worries to rest because the guide to Alsie Express Airlines JER Terminal – Jersey Airport could definitely help you better with your travels. First things first, Alsie Express Airlines utilizes the Terminal 1 at the JER, which means you ought to be available at the airport at least three hours prior to your international and two hours prior to your domestic flight with the airline. If you, like any other passenger, seek easy navigation of your terminal and look forward to learning more, Read On! 

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Take Off and Landing Terminal at JER
For the Arrivals For the Departures
The Alsie Express Airlines passengers need not worry about their arrivals at the JER as both the procedure and the directions are quite easy to navigate or go through. At the arrivals terminal (Terminal 1), you will find baggage claim carousels to retrieve your luggage and ground transport to head to your preferred destinations. Besides, services such as ATMs and Banks, Currency Exchange, Restrooms, Food and Drink Outlets, Shops, etc are also available. The Departures terminal of Alsie Express Airlines at the JER is the Terminal 1, which has multiple Check-in Counters, Self-Service Kiosks, Family/Public Restrooms, Shopping Malls, Retail Stores, Special Assistance, Parking Options, etc. Flight status trackers are displayed throughout the terminal to track arrivals and departures. Passengers must be present at least 2 to 3 hours before their scheduled departures at the Jersey Airport.

Insights to the Jersey Airport

Now that you know your arrivals and departure terminals, let’s discuss the JER in case you need to contact the airport authorities or get to the other locations within the airport. Here are the crucials: 

Airport Name Jersey Airport
Airport Address St Peter, Jersey JE1 1BY, Jersey
No. of Terminals Terminal 1
Contact Number +44 1534 446000

What the Terminal 1 Serves You With! 

The Terminal 1 is a modern facility that helps passengers get access to all the airport services they are looking forward to experiencing. These can include: 

ATMs and Banks Foreign Exchange Public Restrooms 
Inter-terminal TransfersShopping Malls Shops and Retails 
Food and Drink OutletsAirport/Airline Lounges Meet and Greet Areas 
Business Meeting Rooms Quiet Seating AreasWifi or Internet Facility 
Public PhonesTicketing Counters Lost and Found Counters
Customer Care Desks Baggage Claim Carousels Check-in Counters 
Self-service Kiosks Flight Status Displays Information/Help Desks

What Alsie Express Airlines Serves You With! 

Apart from the services offered by the JER, Alsie Express Airlines also serves some particular amenities at the Terminal 1 for its arriving and departing passengers, which are as follows:

  1. Bookings and Cancellations 

Booking flight reservations with Alsie Express Airlines at the Jersey Airport terminal is an easy and quick procedure. You can head to the established ticketing counters to talk with airline personnel about the type of reservation you want and the date you wish to fly on. Upon reciprocating the answers to the questions asked, you will be able to receive your desired itinerary within no time.

In case your travel plans change all of a sudden, you don’t have to worry about that as well. Let the executives know about your needs and head to cancel your flight reservations. If applicable, you will either be entitled to a full refund of your ticket or will be required to pay a penalty to the airline. In both cases, the personnels will help and assist you. 

  1. Check-ins for Flight Takeoffs

Airport check-in counters, as well as self-service kiosks, are available at the Jersey Airport Terminal 1 for Alsie Express Airlines passengers. If you haven’t checked in online and want to do it right at the airport, it’s best that you do it either with the help of personnels or independently. Regardless of the method you use, you must arrive at the airport at least three hours before your international flight and two hours before the domestic one. If you need help with the check-ins or retrieving your boarding passes, the agents are available immediately to assist. All you have to do is ask for queries, or confusion will be resolved in no time. 

  1. Cabin Class/Seat Upgradation

Alsie Express Airlines offers seat upgrades or the choice to change your cabin class at the airport’s terminal and on it’s official online platform as well. If you want to change the way you are flying and want a more luxurious and comfortable seating option, you can move forward with this option either at the reservation desk or at the check-in counters. You will have to talk with the airline agents about the availability of seats on the plane and if you can get one. After selecting, you must pay the airfare difference between your previously bought ticket and the renewed one.

  1. Travels for an Unaccompanied Minor 

Alsie Express Airlines wants your kids to be safe and travel without any worries or obstacles, even if they are traveling in your absence. Want to know how? Well, the airline offers unaccompanied minor services to all underage children flying alone. This allows your child to have an escort throughout the journey, from the moment he gets to the airport till the moment he is handed over to the person at his arrival airport. The parents or guardians of the child are responsible for booking him as an unaccompanied minor. So, the airline can confirm the service for the child and be available upon his arrival at the JER Terminal.

  1. Four-Legged Friend’s Travel? Checked

Alsie Express Airlines understands the need to travel with your four-legged friends for whatever reasons, which is why it offers pet travel service and allows your pets to travel with you. However, that doesn’t mean you can carry any pet or size. There are certain breed, weight, and size restrictions that you should follow to get along. Getting in touch with the representatives of Alsie Express Airlines right at the Terminal 1 will solve half of your problems with the pet travel service. So, make sure to connect as early as possible and learn about the formalities you need to follow. 

  1. Baggage-Related Services/Inquiries 

Passengers also get access to all the baggage-related services right at the Terminal 1 of the Jersey Airport. Whether you want to inquire about baggage allowance, need help packing your luggage, want access to the luggage storage or lockers, or simply have questions about excess baggage or carrying sports equipment as checked luggage, you can avail everything right at the terminal. Talk with the airline representatives before your day of departure to get what you desire.

Tips to Save More with Alsie Express Airlines! 

You can keep a few things in mind to survive in the “Saving money” game when flying with Alsie Express Airlines. Some of the tips that you can follow are: 

  • Plan ahead! Look for tickets in advance. 
  • Always be flexible with your flying dates. 
  • Sign up for airfare alerts in the search engine. 
  • Go incognito while searching for flight deals. 
  • Use your rewards and miles while booking a flight. 
  • Follow your airline’s social media channels for updates on discounts. 


Wrapping your head around all the crucial information pertaining to Alsie Express Airlines JER is quite an easy and quick task. If you follow the right procedures, understand the rules and regulations, and have the map to navigate your airport’s terminal, there’s nothing that can stop you from having exceptional air travel with Alsie Express Airlines. For more, get in touch with the airline representatives waiting for you to connect with queries and confusions. 

Alsie Express Airlines JER Jersey Airport Location Map

Frequent Traveler’s Questions! 

What terminal is Alsie Express Airlines at the JER?

Alsie Express Airlines uses the Terminal 1 at the JER.

Which is the arrivals terminal for Alsie Express Airlines at the Jersey Airport?

The arrivals terminal for Alsie Express Airlines at the airport is the Terminal 1. 

Which is the departure terminal for Alsie Express Airlines at the JER?

Alsie Express Airlines utilizes the Terminal 1 at the JER to handle its departing carriers. 

What services are available to passengers at the Alsie Express Airlines JER Terminal – Jersey Airport?

Flight reservations, cancellations, pet travel, seat upgrades, unaccompanied minors, Wi-Fi and internet, shopping malls, retail stores, etc., are some of the services available to passengers at the Alsie Express Airlines JER Terminal—Jersey Airport. 

Can I check in for my Alsie Express Airlines flight at the Jersey Airport Terminal 1?

Yes. Passengers can check in for their flight at the Jersey Airport Terminal 1 of Alsie Express Airlines either at the airport check-in counters or at the self-service kiosks. 

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