AJet Airlines KCM Terminal – Kahramanmaras Airport

We all know that information is the most essential thing while traveling. And do you know the crucials about which you need the details? It is the Terminal from which you will be arriving or departing. Do you know why? The terminal decides the beginning and end of your journey. From proper check-in to baggage claim, security checkpoints, and more services, it ensures that passengers go through a smooth procedure inside the airport. 

Flying from AJet Airlines will surely be a wonderful experience for travelers. Below are all the details you require about the AJet Airlines KCM Terminal.

Arrival and Departure at AJet Airlines KCM Terminal

AJet Airlines operates from the Main Terminal of the KCM for departure. As soon as you arrive at the terminal, head straight for check-in and give your bags at the counter in Kahramanmaras Airport. You will surely experience smooth service, preparing you for your pre-flight.

As for arrivals, it operates from the KCM terminal. After a smooth landing, head straight to the designated gate for baggage claim and other procedures. To reach your destination, you can use ground transportation such as taxis, shuttle buses, rental cars, and more. 

AJet Airlines Arrival Terminal at KCM – Main Terminal

AJet Airlines Departure Terminal at KCM – Main Terminal

Connect with Your Airline at the KCM Terminal

One of the significant mistakes passengers make during their journey is not keeping information about the Airline and Airport they are flying with. As a result, all they get is confusion. But you have to set yourself apart. Below are all the details about the AJet Airlines KCM Terminal. Make sure you go through it before you put your foot on board.

Airport NameKahramanmaras Airport
AddressErkenez, 23009. Sk. No:14B, 46080 Dulkadiroğlu/Kahramanmaraş, Türkiye
Arrival TerminalMain Terminal
Departure TerminalMain Terminal
Airport CodeKCM
Contact Number+90 344 236 53 50
Working Hours24 hours
Official Websiteajet.com

Facilities To Find at the Main Terminal

The AJet Airlines KCM Terminal provides a range of facilities and amenities listed below to ensure that passengers have the best journey. Ensure you go through every detail, taking your planning to the next level.

Baggage ClaimSecurity CheckpointsEmergency Facilities
Unaccompanied MinorsGround TransportationTicketing Counter
Ticket UpgradationAssistance for DisabledMedical Aid
Wheelchair AssistanceParking AreasATMs and Banks


The first and foremost thing passengers go through when they arrive at the airport is check-in, and with AJet Airlines KCM Terminal, you will bid farewell to long queues. Enjoy the quick check-in provided on the counters at the terminal. The airline staff will help you till the last step. And if you want, you can also use the self-service kiosks. All the options will ensure a smooth check-in for travelers.

Services for Baggage

As you know, different airlines have different baggage policies. The Main Terminal at KCM offers good baggage services for passengers to experience safe travel. The airline’s staff at the airport will assist you regarding any issue you might face related to your belongings. Also, make sure you read the instructions beforehand from the airline’s website on how much luggage is allowed on board.

Assistance for Lost and Found Items

While traveling, it is very easy for you to lose your items during the busy journey. In most cases, passengers become worried about their lost belongings, but you do not have to with AJet Airlines KCM Terminal. The supportive staff at the airport will assist you if you cannot find something you have lost. All you have to do is head straight to the lost and found desk present at the terminal and report your missing belongings. You will get notifications via email, phone, or the airline’s website.

Refund and Cancellation

If you have changed your plans or want to cancel your tickets due to an emergency, you can do so with AJet Airlines KCM Terminal. The airline values your money and thus offers refunds to its passengers. But before everything else, make sure you check the airline’s website to learn its refund and cancellation policy so that you are well-equipped with details and won’t hesitate at the last moment. You might be eligible for a penalty if the airline instructs so. 


Now that you have all the details about AJet Airlines KCM Terminal, you can rest assured about your journey. Book your tickets now and enjoy the many services the terminal offers. Wishing you an incredible journey ahead. 

AJet Airlines Kahramanmaras Airport (KCM) Location Map

Need-to-Know FAQs

What terminal is AJet Airlines at KCM?

AJet Airlines operates from the Main Terminal of the Kahramanmaras Airport.

What is the IATA Code for the Kahramanmaras Airport?

The IATA Code of Kahramanmaras Airport is KCM.

Does the KCM have ticketing counters for AJet Airlines?

Yes. You will find the ticketing counters for AJet Airlines at Main Terminal.

How many terminals does KCM have?

The airport has a total of 1 Terminal.

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